Fees will be paid upfront via cheque/cash/bank transfer to Chemyst Tuition Centre Pte Ltd. There will be no registration fee. Fees will include all resources provided.
2What if a student joins in the middle of the month?
The fees will be pro-rated based on the number of remaining lessons in the month of registration.
3How does the whatsapp hotline work?
It is free of charge for registered students of Chemyst Tuition Centre Pte Ltd. Simple send your questions/doubts to 91091306 (via whatsapp) to receive answers to your questions within a short time span. Note : This service is only applicable to registered students.
4What if a student decide to stop tuition in the middle of the month?
There is no refund of classes unattended.
5Can the class be postponed during sickness/emergency/deadline week?
Yes. There will be no postponement/cancellation fee. The class can be rescheduled subject to availability of Mr.Prakash. Please inform at least 24 hrs in advance for rescheduling.
6Will the trial class be free of charge?
The trial class is not free of charge.
7I'm looking for group tuition, however I need a new time slot.
New time slots can be created. Please get in touch with Mr.Prakash to open a new group tuition time slot.
8Where are the classes held?
The classes are held at Chemyst Tuition Centre located at 261 Waterloo Centre, #02-07. S180261 Nearest MRTs: Bras Besah MRT (2 min walk) & Bugis MRT (5min walk)