Why Choose Chemyst Tuition Centre?


Principal Tutor


Prakash is the founder of Chemyst Tuition Centre which specializes in only International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry both at Higher & Standard Levels.

Having tutored students since 2009 , Prakash has developed a passion for helping a student understand Chemistry in a simple manner. His experience with a wide variety of learning abilities among students allowed him to challenge students whose concepts are strong but would like to ace their paper as well as students who would like to strengthen their weak foundation in chemistry.

Despite being eligible to do his PhD in Chemistry at NUS, his passion for teaching chemistry pushed him further to set up Chemyst Tuition Centre where he conducts small group classes.

Given the rigor of the pre-university curriculum in Singapore, Prakash believes that every student requires high levels of consistency in their work in order to achieve better grades. His chemistry classes are tailored to develop this consistency from the start through the weekly assignments that are time-based as well as analytical in nature. He loves to work hard together with his students by providing live doubt clearing sessions via WhatsApp as well. With the ample resources provided by Prakash, a student can focus on building the conceptual understanding in chemistry instead of worrying about where to get their resources.

Teaching style: His chemistry tuition classes are personalized to suit each student's individual needs so they can grasp the content in a structured manner. Personalized classes at small group allow Prakash to identify the individual mistakes of students and help overcome them. Prakash also keeps the parents updated with their child's progress which enables the parents to provide a conducive learning environment at home.
Prakash hopes to inspire students to independently develop an inquiry-based learning approach to chemistry by helping them overcome their fear and develop confidence through the subject. His teaching model is that of a "no question is a silly question" as his live WhatsApp sessions outside of class encourage students to participate in active learning that emphasizes questioning and critical thinking which are key skills required for chemistry.


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